141 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. Hello!
    Thank you for posting a list of their events and stuff! It’s very helpful! Do you know where or if there are still tickets Show champion in Yokohama?
    Thank you

  2. bts please held a concert again in indonesia 😦
    wish there will be an application or account like instagram where bts can greet their fans directly 😀
    and i’m still wish bts can make appearance in running man ^^
    jungkook, jin i love you most!!!

  3. Guys when will bts comeback here in the Philippines I wonder cause their last concert here is still 2014 and I miss that cause we go to Korea to go fansing with them but the I heard the news that they are here in the philippines

  4. I’m wondering if they can come to Toronto and perform it would be nice but if they end un the U.S.A I’ll just have to fly over. hahaha #internationfanstruggles

  5. Is it true that BTS will have a concert here in the Philippines this coming July.. and what is the exact date..

  6. I AM IN LOVE WITH JUNGKOOK! I LOVE BTS!! I am from Philippines and I am waiting when they will going to visit PHILIPPINES! I do really want to see them and take pictures with them!! ❤

  7. may i know if BTS is really having a concert in manila? TRB III? cause i heard that they are having a concert at manila in july 30 i just want to know if its real.. thankyou

  8. Wondering about any future concerts in the U.S. and if you have any idea on what part of the U.S.? Like west, middle, or was coast areas? Also, wondering if BTS members have time off to spend with their families, because they really deserve it. Thank you.

  9. Hi! I will be Osaka in May and i was wondering if anyone knew more info on the event on May 29th 6th Single Album RUN (Japanese Ver.) Released Event in Osaka ^^

  10. So, they’ll have a two days concert at Kobe on the 22nd and 23rd? Any idea what time they’ll leave Japan for Kcon AbuDhabi?

  11. This is a very helpful site! I also had a question when is BTS coming back here in America for another concert? I didn’t really get a chance to see them here, and I really want to see them live in America again.

  12. This sight is legit the shit (Excuse my German) I mean how da fauq we sposed ta know when the broadcasting thing is rite?

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