Bangtan Style


YO! Wassup! Do you want more info about Bangtan’s Fashion? I know, their Fashion is Sooo Amazing. So, we decided to share about Bangtan Fashion Style to Our Lovely A.R.M.Y in the world and outer space! kekeke.. ^^

Hope you all will enjoy it. Let’s check their fashion and the price below!


BTS – No Mpre Dream (Japan Version)
BTS in China – Yinyuentai App
[140414] BTS – Super Junior Kiss The Radio
[140417] BTS – High Cut Magazine Vol 4
[140430] BTS – Weekly Idol
[140501] BTS – Ize Magazine
[140505] BTS – Arirang K-POPIN
[140512] Jungkook – Super Junior Kiss Radio
[140512] BTS – Sport Seoul
[140529] BTS – Airport Fashion (Going to Japan)
[140601] BTS – Airport Fashion (Comeback from Japan)
[140601] Rap Monster – Twitter
[140602] Rap Monster – Twitter
[140604] BTS – Twitter
[140605] BTS – Twitter
[140605] BTS – Adult Child (Dance Practice) [Rap Monster, Suga, and Jin]
[140605] BTS – Beautiful (Dance Practice) [J-Hope, Jungkook, V and Jimin]
[140611] BTS – Twitter
[140612] BTS – Twitter
[140613] BTS – Airport Fashion (Heading to Moscow)
[140614] BTS – MBC-C Radio Idol True Color
[140617] BTS – Airport Fashion (Comeback from Moscow)



18 thoughts on “Bangtan Style

  1. I was just wondering if all the clothes they wear are real. (as in not a fake ver. of the item). Since most of the items they wear are label clothes, and therefor very expensive. They are still a rookie group (A REALLY SUCCESSFUL ONE), but I have seen them wear outfits for 1000$ and above.. And I know that in south Korea you can get cheap knock offs for a reasonable price, but in your blog you link to the official ones. I’d be grateful if you’d answer since this question has been baffling me for a long time now :)))

  2. What size clothes do they wear? Because I saw a post saying that Jungkook shirt was an extra large. They don’t look like an extra large.

  3. Hey I am really in love with Jimins locket necklace thing he wore for the dark and wild album and I’m searching everywhere but can’t find it since i don’t know the brand or anything, I was wondering if u knew or if u could find out for me that would be amazing, thanks ^-^

  4. Hello, Thank you for making this website or blog. I really enjoy exploring the world of BTS right here. kamsa!

  5. Hi! I was wondering if you could help me find the sweatshirt Rap Monster wore in the War of Hormone dance practice (Real WAR ver.). Thank you!

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