(Adorable Representative M.C for Youth )


Pleased Don’t use fansite photo’s/shoots as PROFILE ICONS, AVATARS or HEADERS in various SNS portals besides the existing rules of (some, most or all) fansites such as NO to 2nd processing, no to commercial use, no editing, no cropping of their logos, etc.



♪ RM









♪ V



62 thoughts on “A.R.M.Y

  1. I love BTS!!
    I’m only 12 years old my birthday is this December 6th!!
    I’m not saying this to hurt Jin or anything but If there is going to be a WWH (worldwide handsome) Then shouldn’t there be a WWS ( WorldWide Sexy) For Personally The WWS for BTS is probably Namjoon..
    He’s tall, passionate, great looking, and really smart..
    I would love to meet namjoon!!

    1. I am 12 too and although my bias is not namjoon, I really think he’s as smart and hardworking as he can get. I think he should be admired more.

  2. I can’t say I’m an army but their songs are the only thing keeping me sane. Plus the fact that I feel a thousand and one emotions when listening to their songs. Plus my bias is Jin. I mostly started liking him when he started. His passion plus the way he takes care of the group….. priceless

  3. I think the first song of BTS that I’ve heard was probably IDOL or DNA, and I loved it. From that time on I’m listening to their songs with eyes filled with tears when I read the lyrics… :’)

    Thank you BTS… for being part of my life ;p

  4. I just like BTS there is no special reason to as why i like them it’s not like I really needed them to heal me or that i’m very hurt just whenever i cry i just get a small smile on my face in between those tears even by thinking about them i think that’s enough to tell why i stan them

  5. i am a proud grateful member of bts army if you have been living under a rock and do not know what i am talking about bts is a sevem member kpop band that are topping charts around the word fans of the band refer to ourselves army which stans for adorable representative mc for youth

    the influence of bts is hard to overstate despite such levels of success bts has maintained the same kindness, passion and dedication they displaye infont of three hundred fans in their fira concert.

  6. Iam also 12 years old but my bias is jungkook jung.. But i love all members also… Someone say them girl then I say that you look like girl…. O shit make you are f**king me out….. I just started to say that I don’t care you are you iam me… I love you BTs 👑👑 … No same school no same university no family friends yet we are best friends…..

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