(Adorable Representative M.C for Youth )


Pleased Don’t use fansite photo’s/shoots as PROFILE ICONS, AVATARS or HEADERS in various SNS portals besides the existing rules of (some, most or all) fansites such as NO to 2nd processing, no to commercial use, no editing, no cropping of their logos, etc.



♪ RM









♪ V



52 thoughts on “A.R.M.Y

  1. BTS….Is da best…Be an A.R.M.Y and VTaetaeKook….^_^ V I Love U..Never b4 have I ever wanted/Love someone like this so much….^_^

  2. I love you..When I see you I start crying… You the best..Only thanks to you I had a dream and the purpose to which I will aspire..You all are pleasant to me, but my heart is given to Jeon Jungkook and Kim Taehyung ♥ ♥ ♥Go please to Russia ღ❤ ❤ ❤ ♪ ♫ |̅̅●̅̅|̅̅=̅̅|̅̅●̅̅| ♫ ♪

  3. I’m glad that BTS is doing so well. I hope i get to see them in concert some day. Thank you for the awesome music. And Bangtan Bomb has to be one of the greatest ideas ever because people get to appreciate you as humans not as objects like can sometimes be a problem. I hope you can always smile and enjoy what you do. 🙂

  4. I hope BTS will come to Berlin and hold an concert and a fansign too! Let`s have a lot of fun when you come! \(^v^)/

  5. Hi, Im from indonesia and interest to watch bts concert epilogue 6 August 2016 in Bangkok. can i talk to bangkok army? 🙂 id like to know how to buy the tickets. thankyou. you can LINE me : febietirzas

  6. hai everyone i really love BTS i hope we can share together about BTS. i`m so excited found this site, not many my friend really deeply love kpop especially BTS. i hope i can talk and share more about BTS in here. really love i`m part of ARMY family. LOVE BTS FOREVER!!!!


  8. Hello BTS, I am a true ARMY of yours
    You guys have been doing a great job And keep it up!!! I really appreciate your talent. But, after I got to know that such a great and amazing band hasn’t been selected for the Billboards awards I really felt sad… but, I also sometimes realize that something is lacking in there. So please focus more, and try not to get stresses out. I am seriously in love with your music, which is so much original, I mean BTS writes these songs, produces these songs, sings these songs, composes these songs and also dance for these songs!! I mean hats off to you guys. I was into English songs before, but then I felt really bored as almost all the songs that I heard in English, in Hindi, in Spanish all of them were just about love, the love which is usually for the opposite gender not for ourselves, and I really hate that because I really think that loving others who don’t even care for you is a foolish thing. Then I got to know about BTS, BANGTAN SONYEONDAN, they taught me how to love yourself and I was really motivated. When I used to listen those songs about love and had crushes on people and then get rejected, I used to feel really depressed, I even thought of suiciding because nobody liked me in the school, but when I heard your songs, I felt proud of myself, the ones who care for me and I also understood that if those people don’t like you, then it’s okay because only 2-3 people dislike you out of this whole world.
    Thank You So Much BTS For Giving Me Such Inner Strength.
    | \ / |
    | | | |
    | / \ |
    Thank You RM, V, JIN, JUNGKOOK, J-HOPE, JIMIN, & SUGA!! Take Care Of Yourselves
    Thanks and Regards

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