[News] BTS: K-Pop Stars Cover Billboard Magazine With 8 Different Versions | Billboard News [180216]

Issue Date: 02/17/2018

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[Info] Troye Sivan Talk about BTS [180208]

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[Info] Backstreet Boys Mention about BTS [180207]

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[News] Netmarble Games To Release A New Cinematic Game Featuring BTS [180206]

BTS will be the star of a new game!

On February 6, Netmarble Games held a press conference and revealed one of their latest projects, BTS World. As its title suggests, the game will feature the BTS members, and players will be tasked with managing and developing the members. Described as a “cinematic game,” it attempts to combine K-pop and “K-gaming” through a new format.

Chairman Bang Joon Hyuk shared, “Over 10,000 photos and 100 videos will be exclusively revealed in the game. The members of BTS took part in photo shoots, acted, and recorded a new track for this game.” Continue reading “[News] Netmarble Games To Release A New Cinematic Game Featuring BTS [180206]”

[News] 15th Korean Music Awards Announces Nominees [180205]

This year’s Korean Music Awards has revealed the nominees!

On February 6, a press conference was held to announce the nominations for the 15th year of the ceremony. The Korean Music Awards focuses on the albums and songs more than the artists, and musical achievement is considered rather than sales. The awards show aims to go beyond the barrier between mainstream and non-mainstream music.

This year’s nominees are as follows:

Album of the Year

Kang Taegu – “bleu”
The Black Skirts – “Team Baby”
Kim Mok In – “A Day in the Life of Mr. X”
IU – “Palette”
Hyukoh – “23”

Song of the Year

Red Velvet – “Red Flavor”
IU – “Through the Night”
Woo Won Jae – “We Are” (Feat. Loco and Gray)
Hyukoh – “Tomboy”

Artist of the Year

Kim Mok In
Hyukoh Continue reading “[News] 15th Korean Music Awards Announces Nominees [180205]”