[Info] Chuseok’s Choice Goods ARMY Day! (Schedule timeline) EPIBOMB_zip [200929]

Chuseok’s Choice Goods ARMY Day!

(Schedule timeline)

We’re unwrapping a Chuseok present bundle for ARMY to have an enjoyable break Wrapped present

1PM KST: 2018 KBS Gayo
3PM KST: BTS Basketball
5PM KST : 2019 KBS Gayo
7PM KST: Spelling with Water Bottles
9PM KST: ON Shooting Sketch 11PM: Dynamite @ Gyeongbokgung
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[Info] BTS – BE (Deluxe Edition)


This is Big Hit Entertainment.

BTS’s new album “BE (Deluxe Edition)” will be released on Friday, November 20.

Pre-orders will begin Monday, September 28.

“BE (Deluxe Edition)” contains the most “BTS-esque” music yet. The latest story from BTS begins by declaring that “even in the face of this new normality, our life goes on” and imparts a message of healing to fans and to the world.

This album is made more special by direct involvement from BTS in not only the music, but from the concept and composition to design. You will discover throughout the album the thoughts, emotions and deepest reflections of BTS while experiencing an even richer musical spectrum.

“BE (Deluxe Edition)”, a most special album carefully crafted by BTS, will be available through retailer pre-orders. The album will be printed in limited quantities for first-run print only, and stocks and pre-order periods may vary by retailer. Please check the pre-order dates carefully.

We ask for your love and interest in the new “BE (Deluxe Edition)” album.

Pre-order period: Begins 11 AM, September 28 (Mon), 2020 (KST)

General release: 2 PM, November 20 (Fri), 2020 (KST)

BTS “’BE (Deluxe Edition)” can be pre-ordered starting on Monday, September 28 from online and offline retailers.

<BTS ‘BE (Deluxe Edition)’ Pre-order Notice>

Pre-order dates

September 28 (Mon) to November 19 (Thur), 2020

Pre-Order (Online):

Yes24: bit.ly/2ECzwmv

Synnara: bit.ly/30dFbqQ

* Please note that available quantities may vary by retailer, and pre-orders may end early due to inventory circumstances. (limited offer, first-run only)

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[Info] BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E concert live streaming & EXHIBITION MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E (오,늘) online exhibition

【Sales Notice】

– The following are BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E concert live streaming and BTS EXHIBITION MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E (오,늘) online exhibition products.

(* The live streaming products do not include re-watch VOD services.)

– The concerts and exhibition products are sold exclusively on Weverse Shop.

※ Purchase now on Weverse Shop: https://weverseshop.onelink.me/BZSY/eecb3dfe

※ Watch multi view live: https://bts.kiswe.com/

※ BTS GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ARMY MEMBERSHIP (“Membership”) holders will be given 10,000 won worth of Weverse Shop Cash per account with your purchase of HD multi view products. (A maximum of 10,000 won cash will be given even if one account holder purchases two or more multi view or exhibition packages.)

※ Membership benefits are available only to those who still hold their Membership at the time of booking the ticket and making payment for this concert, as well as on the day of the concert. Please check your Membership expiration date to avoid any possible issues.

※ “4K single view + Multi view products can be purchased only by Membership holders, and may be sold out early due to limited availability.

※ The online exhibition can be viewed after live streaming has ended beginning from October 13 (Tue) 12:00 (KST) for 24 hours from the time of entering the virtual exhibition space, regardless of access history.

– Sales timeline : [10/10 concert & exhibition package] September 16 (Wed) 13:00 (KST) – October 10 (Sat) 19:00 (KST)

[10/11 concert & exhibition package] September 16 (Wed) 13:00 (KST) – October 11 (Sun) 16:00 (KST)

[2 Day Pass & exhibition package] September 16 (Wed) 13:00 (KST) – October 10 (Sat) 19:00 (KST)

[Online exhibition only] October 13 (Tue) 10:00 (KST) – November 11 (Wed) 09:59 (KST)

– For all concert products, only one product per concert day may be purchased; multiple purchases are not available.


※ You may not purchase both live streaming products AND exhibition package products for the same concert day; you also may not purchase 4K single view + Multiview products AND HD multi view products for the same concert day.

※ You may not purchase separate concert products (including 4K) along with a 2 Day Pass.

– For package products that include an exhibition pass, you may only purchase one package product per account regardless of the performance date.

※ For customers who have purchased an exhibition package, please click on the link below to gain access to the client download page to download and install the BTS EXHIBITION MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E (오,늘) client program from October 12 (Mon) 12:00(KST), following the conclusion of the live stream.


※ You can gain access to the online exhibition, BTS EXHIBITION MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E beginning from October 13 (Tue) 12:00(KST) through the client program, and enter the virtual exhibition space after logging in with your Weverse Shop ID.

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[Video] BTS (방탄소년단) Sing ‘Dynamite’ with me









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Join #Sing_Dynamite #BTS_Dynamite #LipSyncParty #BTS #방탄소년단

Go To bts-082120.com

BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Dynamite’ Official Lip Sync Guide

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Bangtan TV , Columbia Records


[Info] Learn KOREAN with BTS Book

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Weverse,BigHit Edu