[Twitter/Trans] BTS Bighit [170922]

@bts_bighit : [] 뮤직뱅크 컴백! 모두 본방사수 하셨나요? 무한의 세기를 넘어서 계속 우린 영원히 함께니까…* (D👇🏻N👇🏻A👇🏻)

Trans @bts_bighit :

[#Today’sBangtan] #BTS Music Bank Comeback! Did all of you tune it? To go on for infinite centuries, we’ll be together forever…* (D👇🏻N👇🏻A👇🏻)

*T/N: Lyrics from the song ‘DNA’.

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Trans : Alli @ bts-trans


[Twitter/Trans] BTS Bighit [170921]

@bts_bighit : [] 이 컴백했습니다!!!✌🏻 컴백쇼에 함께 해준 아미들과 생중계로 함께 달려준 전세계 아미들~ 우주가 생긴 그 날부터 계속 우린 영원히 함께니까! (D👇🏻N👇🏻A👇🏻)

Trans @bts_bighit : [#Today’sBangtan] #BTS have made their comeback!!! ✌🏻 ARMYs who were with us at the Comeback Show and ARMYs all over the world who ran together with us through the live stream~ From the days when the universe was created, we’ll be together forever! (D👇🏻N👇🏻A👇🏻)

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Trans : Denise @ bts-trans