[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [170120]

@BTS_twt : 잘 좀 쓸 걸.. 악필이네요 🤢[Rap Monster]

Trans @BTS_twt : I should have written it nicer… It’s illegible handwriting🤢[Rap Monster]

@BTS_twt : a 딱 쓰고 후회했으나.. 결국 해냄 [Rap Monster]

Trans @BTS_twt : Right after writing ‘a’ I regretted it, but.. in the end I finished it  [Rap Monster] Continue reading “[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [170120]”

[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [170119]

@BTS_twt : 고마워요 아미!! 상이 네개네?? 더 좋은 앨범으로 보답하겠습니다!! 사랑행!! [Suga]

Trans @BTS_twt : Thank you ARMY!! So (we won) 4 awards then?? We’ll repay all of you with an even better album (in the future)!! I love you!!  [Suga]

@BTS_twt : 룸펜스 감독님
성득샘 잎으로도 잘 부탁드립니다
감사합니다 사랑합니다
@lumpenss @sonsungdeuk
#JIMIN [Jimin]

Trans @BTS_twt :Director Lumpens
Sungdeuk-ssaem* We’ll be counting on you in the future as well
Thank you I love you
@lumpenss @sonsungdeuk
#JIMIN [Jimin]

(T/N: *short for sunsaengnim meaning teacher) Continue reading “[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [170119]”