[Weibo/Trans] BTS_members weibo [200721]

@BTS_members : 都不要生病 一直健健康康哒 ㅎㅎ 爱你们哟 ARMY♡♡♡

Trans @BTS_members : Don’t get sick and stay healthy hehe Love you ARMY♡♡♡

Credits :

Trans : Kyra @ bts-trans


[Weibo/Trans] BTS_official weibo [200527]

@BTS_official : [#本月的BTS#] 写作「陪伴是最长情的告白」

@BTS_official Trans : [#ThisMonthsBTS] Text: Companionship is the most lasting confession. Song: “Ajikdo~ yeojeonhi~*” #StayConnected

*T/N: The lyrics mean ‘Even now, as always’, from the song ‘Dear My Friend’ by Agust D and were typed using Chinese characters.

Credits :

Trans : Fiona @ bts-trans