268 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi: I’m writing a soon-to-be published book entitled, Discovering BTS: a non-linear journey, that covers not only my personal experience, but also of ARMY around the world. I’m accomplishing this via my website at https://discoveringbts.com

    I thought you might be interested in my project.

    Thanks, MJ Chard author

  2. Annyeonghaseyo🙌🙏
    Hi hyungs,
    I am an Indian army girl
    I really want to thank you guys ’cause you are the inspiration for me now I am a medical student. I overcomed depression it all happened because of u guys
    When I was in school , my friends used to listen your songs and they used to say me to listen , but I wasn’t having anything source to listen .
    But now I will be listening daily without fail
    Thanks for inspiring me and many more army
    I am proud to be a ARMY GIRL.
    I wish you guys to have huge success ahead ,
    U guys taught me that “there will be ups and downs in life , but we need to handle it without getting discouraged , depressed”
    Thanks for your inspiration,Motivation ,
    u r everything for me
    Unfortunately when I came to know about BTS ,it was pandemic .
    Hope that as soon as this covid era gets over ,
    And I will be waiting for your concert.
    Love you guys lot ❤
    yours sincere army

  3. hi i am claire kim mask this is for Tae Dear tae
    Hi is claire your ex i as waiting for you so long i but i heard of you and jungkook together very time i was crying of you cheated on me why you do that front of me from kissing jungkook that hasn’t far play that i want to run away from you i hate do that if RM see this he really get angry at you i never do this front of you tae your good man and good wiser i trust someone not cheated on me i know you Tae so long i have you the hope i fund you make someone to cry if you wanted me i never coming back to you tae i wish you there for me but i not hated you
    Your awesome and great human being good boy now i have huge girl crush is my real girlfriend is Dianna aron she got cheated to by a guy and she still with me still you know that i am gay i ready breaking up with dove cameron in twitter by breaking with her and still with Dinna aron now i love her by her ways and she actes she perfect girl for me i wanted so long is jungkok long time boyfriend and my high school boyfriend luke bailey i still never talked to him he is a jerk guy and he is gay to he move on without him my past byoyfriend now on i am moving on tooo

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