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  1. I am very grateful for this blog, so I can share the post to ARMY Indonesia, very difficult to find the source of news about bangtan boys who use the English language, with this blog I can easily translate it into Indonesian, I really appreciate the hard work admin on this blog, so i will take post from here with the full credits, once again thank you very much BTSDiary ^^
    Fighting!!!! 😀

  2. Hello guys! I would just like to thank you for your hard work in updating the site! This is one of the best bts fansites I’ve seen so far! Keep up the good work ^^ I just want to ask something, do you in case have the image logo of ARMY’s? The one they use in Japanese army fanclub? Thanks!

      1. i dunno if it’s too late. But I think she wants to have a photo of Suga and she’s sorry that she doesn’t speak Eng. She suggests that you guys should have a translator. 🙂

      2. Hi, Thanks for your trans.. But i don’t understand about photo of Suga? I think BTS had reveal a lot of Suga’s PHOTO.. 🙂

      1. i didn’t know dear.it’s make application in your phone for read the barcode..but i didn’t help it because i’m download with seach application in play store 😦

  3. Annyeonghaseo 🙂
    where I can send my gift to bangtan boys in korea, do you know the office address of Big hit, if you know please tell me thank you 🙂

  4. no thanks oppa 🙂
    i love the “beautiful dance practice” V is my inspiration for today ”
    but,but….ahm BANGTAN for me look like made me dream the song and make relate so much ok 🙂 advance “HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY ” ❤ SARANGHAEYO ~

  5. Hi. Thank you to the admins who manage this blog. You guys are 대박. What I really appreciate about this blog is that the photos are linked to the URL of the real photos (hooray for HD pictures!). That’s all. Thank you admins! 방탄소년단 짱!

    1. Bonjour! Les gens qui écrivent sur cet blog ne sont pas vraiment les kpop stars. Ils sont seulement les kpop fans. BTS a un compte de Twitter (seulement un que tous les membres utilisent) et ils postent les selfies sur le compte.
      hey, Je peux être ton traducteur, si tu veux 🙂

      1. Merci c’est gentil je suis in peux dessus que ce ne soit pas les stars même WordPress et vraiment bien je le conseille

    2. No, we aren’t K-Pop Star.. We are just fanbase who support about BTS.. Sorry, i can’t speak French.. I hope you can understand what i said.. eungkyakya.. 🙂

  6. J’ai compris que c’était les personnes qui sont fan de ce groupe qui ont fait ce blog. Alors peut-être qu’il aime l’Asie ? Peut-être que vous aimez l’Asie ?

  7. hi, can i ask a silly question? I’m just curious, do you think any BTS members have dated before or had girlfriends before? Kasam~

  8. is this international ?, or philippines only ?.

    this blog was so awesome i wish BTS can follow this blog ^_^v

    1. hello teptep 🙂
      we are international…
      we wish bts will be following this blog too..hehehehe..
      thank’s for coming and enjoyed btsdiary blog :)..

  9. Hello…..,,,, hi. i need help kkkk… LOL, Im sorry but since i dont understand japanese can you please give me tutorial how to recover password on mnet japan??? i tried to click all boxes but still dont understand what should i fill in. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH IF YOU CAN HELP TT,TT

  10. BTS FIGHTING! Even though I have not known you guys for long, I love you a lot like every fan does. I hope your career will be successful, and may good fortune be present to all of you. As usual, all of your songs are great, so keep it up! No matter what you do, us A.R.M.Y will support you. Do well in everything you do. Good Luck!

  11. i love BTS super …. and i want to meet them in personal and i like this blog site because i know everything from BTS …

    i wish to BTS stay healthy always and fighting always BTS …
    and to our beloved jin advanced happy birthday ..
    and im so happy that im an A.R.M.Y … always fighting BTS 🙂

  12. hi bts iam so lucky that im a ARMY of bts i hope you all the best and stay healthy always , and whatever problems will come to your life be strong ….

    FIGHTING always Bts

  13. You have an awesome blog but every time I load a new page the soundcloud music app goes off and I have to find it and pause. You don’t think it might be better to get something like http://scmplayer.net/ ?? It will follow you playing along the bottom even when the user switches pages. It’s just s suggestion anyway, keep up the great work.

  14. Hi, it’s my first time to come here and it’s the best blog of bts fansites i’ve seen so far! I love how you, the admins, to wrap up this blog. it’s so nice. and it’s so update. it’s helping me so much to keep seeing the boys! Thank you so much for all of your hardwork! BTS should appreciate your blog! May be like an award? kkk^^
    Eum, actually, i’m a new ARMY. it’s only been 2 months likely? I’ve known them one year ago but i didn’t give a glance to them since I didn’t think to look at another boyband beside shinee and exo. well, i’m shawol and exo l too. now, i’m becoming army too. I don’t know i felt some guilty for that, but i promised to love them (bts) more next time, just like how I love the other two boybands. I never compare all of them, they have their own colours and i love their colours. I hope this blog will help me to still stand for bangtan boys since I’m new here. ^^ but i always have a wish to see any interaction or friendship issues among those three boybands, it would be so nice.
    Again, thank you for your hardwork making this great fansites! Admins jjang! fighting!

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