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  1. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I was wondering if you know what Jimin had written on his wonderful body at MAMA 2014 during the hip hop battle? I don’t think those were permanent tattoos, or were they?

  2. Hello
    This website is really amazing and informative.
    In the future I would like to post drawings on devianart
    or instagram. Who would I link the original pictures to….here or directly to the person who took the pictures????

  3. Happy new year for all of BTS Diary’s admins. I’m so happy cause I find this web and this is really amazing.

    Good luck for all!!!

  4. hello…., hi can you give me the latest link how to recover daum/fancafe password,, i lost it. i found tutorials but the retrieve page at daum page were different from those tutorials. im confuse TT,TT thank you

  5. Hi.. I saw at your wabsite that bts is going to do a globel fan metting in april at seoul and I wanted to ask If I will be at korea at that day and I want to attened that fan meetting how I do that? I need to sign up or something?

  6. really really love you BTS…love all your songs…please be healthy…AND PLEASE PLEASE COME TO INDIA… many fans are waiting for you here…jungkook your voice is so amazing…BTS FIGHTING.

  7. I have very hard and private thing i wanna to tell to BTS before 11th Fab. If i will sens message to that address (btsdiary@gmail.com) will BTS get that that message? Its very important for me as for A.R.M.Y. and as for human being to 🙍
    Thank you for any replying that could help me! 🙆🙏🙇

  8. I’m so so so so thankful for all of your hard work. This website is literally my home page when I first open my browser, I love it and just so grateful for this~ I LOVE YOU

  9. Hello! So this is probably pretty random but I live in the United States and I’m a college freshman. I am currently taking an English class and later on this semester we have a research paper due. I had the great idea to do some research on K-pop and some of the idols in Korea and all that jazz. I was just wondering if I would be able to interview one or two of the guys through email or something like that. Obviously you guys are probably real busy so I understand if you are unable to do an interview for some random person but I just thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Thank you! 🙂

  10. Hey, i just want to ask.. will bts ever coming back again and do a concert in Malaysia? I knew that they just came last year but hoping to see them this year too 🙂 amd maybe a fanmeeting if possible. Tqsm love bts so much ❤
    Much love ARMY ~

  11. Hi, I was hoping to get an expert opinion, and you seem to have worked so hard on everything BTS, I’ve been coming here forever now getting info in English, thanks so much,
    I was lucky enough to go to see BTS in Chicago last year, I’m hoping they return this year , do you feel they will?
    I wanna see them again really bad, and just wanted an expert opinion, a hunch?
    Thanks again
    Love you for your hard work!

  12. Hello Bangtan ! I hope you’re good. My name’s Ghada. I am 16 years old and I am Tunisian. I met you tow months ago. But after a short period, I became really addicted on you . I watch you all the time in You Tube . I’m never fed up and my only dream is to see you once :’) I sincerely love you all but especially Jin ❤ Whenever I see him, my heart begins beating . I always say : BTS are my life and I am sure that I will see them one day . Again I say I love you ! :*

  13. Annyeong ! BTS My name is Diana
    And I’m a huge huge fan and I Love you all I hope you all stay healthy and happy and i Will Always support you guys ! You work so hard , And My bias is Kim Taehyung becuses he is “cute” and Handsome Guy ❤️ I hope you Will stay healthy and happy ❤️ Saranghaeee 💓 FIGHTING 🙏

  14. Hi could you help me. I pre-ordered my Run Japanese ver album & under the description it says “members individual handshake application lottery ticket” or “members all at once handshake lottery ticket”(I used a translator so this might be off). Was another event announced? I know of the Kobe concert but I thought it was just a makeup for the canceled one, I haven’t seen a mention about a handshake. I live in Japan so I’m just wondering if there’s an event I should try for.

  15. Can we A.R.M.Y support V? I am angry about what netizen’s have been saying about how he might have autism. He may or may not have it, but it doesn’t change him. He is still our V from BangTan. Please support him and remember to give him out thanks to what he and bangtan has done for us. I am not completely angry at the netizen’s but, please do not go saying things that could hurt others. Please?

  16. Hello, I’m a student that made a BTS fansite for a tech fair project. I need copyright permission in order for my project to be valid. I’m contacting you for any advice you may have since you’ve created a website yourself.

    BTS Diary is…there’s no words to explain it. The amount of research and effort put into it makes me want to cry. This is my first time creating a website and I never really knew how long it would take. Thank you😊

    Sincerely with jams,
    an A.R.M.Y.

  17. Hello, I’m a student that made a BTS fansite for a tech fair project. I need copyright permission. I’m contacting you for any advice you may have since you’ve made a fansite yourself.

    BTS Diary is…there’s not words to explain it. The amount of research and effort brings me to tears. This is the first time I’ve created a website and I never really knew how difficult it was. Thank you😊

    Sincerely with jams,
    an A.R.M.Y.

  18. i hope BTs can have their concert in month of December 2016 in date 25/23/24/26 like that i hope..saranghaeyo BTS..

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