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  1. Hey ! Just a girl from Sri Lanka obsessed over and follow role model as BTS.
    I want to become one of younger UNICEF leaders in the world .
    My one of dreams to start a children s’ fund for children to fight against poverty , refugee life and war impacts . I’ll laugh the foundation in 2022,when I turned 19 and named it ‘Behind the sunshine foundation ‘ which stands for BTS. The main thing I really want to do is conducting a BTS concert for ARMY who disabled , poor and suffering from bad illnesses with my own money in South Korea . I’ll start my research soon with my sister on that . So I just need to tell my innocent dream to BTS . I hope BTS will be proud of me 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity .

    1. Hello BTS I am from india my friend rishika sahu is a huge fan of yours…If We could meet personally she will be delighted thanks

  2. Hello BTS. I donot know Korean language and maybe its a negative point for you to reach out. But I think language of love , language of respect is same for everyone in this world and it doesn’t need any vocabulary but needs heartly communication.

    I have been spending days and nights searching for BTS to reply my message. Twitter, weverse, mails … But there is no response.

    Please I just hope that this email is being delivered to BTS. Ifnot please help me deliver this mail to BTS.

  3. Hello Bts
    My best friend love each and everyone one of you. I’m asking No begging for someone from your team to help me give her her dream.

    She’s been though a lot from losing family to illness,depression, surgery after surgery over the years. Her joy is when she see you guys sing ,dance. Awesome dancers. Sharon tell me all the time that most of there songs have a purpose. LOVE . Bts call fans Army and she call you sons. She have every album from the first one on to 2019. Tickets for NJ concert that was canceled due to virus.

    She’s really sick and all she talk about is BTS. No other US group can take your place. Its funny just to see her face light up when she look at video of GoGo. V is so funny to her with his facial expressions. She gone as far of getting a tutor class just to teach her korean language. She’s at a point now that she probably do anything just to see them in person. She’ll get on a plane tomorrow if she knew she was gonna meet bts.

    Sharon that type of person that gives to anything and everything no question ask. Never ask for anything in return. Sharon is an awesome mother, wife,sister, and best friend.

    I know you get thousands of fan letters wanting to meet BTS. Please,
    Please consider my best friend and help me make her dream come true.


  4. Hi
    My 13 year old daughter is very big fan of BTS. Hey favourites performer is V. I wish if he can contact her or send her a few words . I am her dad

  5. Helló.
    Can u LEAVE ME álon pease i hate you áll destroyed me successfully.. Enough is Enough i Don t want anything from you áll in the future if u Can do somehing pease do an Say good bye u sick perverts good bye ull newer been missed by me…..

  6. Hello BTS, Greetings from India!
    My 13 years old daughter Quincy is a very big fan of BTS. Her favourite performer is V. She watches videos on YouTube and learns Korean language. Her Birthday is coming on 18th August. I wish that if she gets a phone call from V or message, she will be delighted. Her number is 91-8849100283, her email is quincypatelia@gmail.com. Thanks.

  7. Hello BTS group I’m.amrita from.assam I’m huge fans of urs can u call me please it my last states of cancer I’m suffering form cancer

  8. Annyeong BTS
    I m a great fan kf yours from pakistan. I have a biggest dream to meet you . I am learning korean language and have to come to korea too.
    My all love and prayers are with you 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  9. Hi! I don’t know if Bangtan Boys will be able to receive this message of mine, but still I want to take my chance to send them my gratitude.
     I am listening to a playlist of BTS soft songs while reading articles about how to ace college entrance exams, because after months of preparing I can’t seem to find the right thing to do, to make self-studying work. I think my four months of reviewing is wasted because I feel like I’ve learned nothing and I didn’t make any progress at all. I’m a consistent honor student from a middle class family that’s why we can’t afford going to review centers nor buying review materials. I questioned myself, my achievements, did I really deserve that? Am I really smart? Am I deserving of that title? 
    And believe it or not, your music heals my worries and insecurities. I thank God for creating such wonderful individuals like you, inspiring and motivating. Thank you hyungs JIN,RM,SUGA,JHOPE,JIMIN,V,JUNGKOOK for making songs that uplift everyone’s spirit. I couldn’t thank you enough, to be honest I don’t know the lyrics of your song without subtitles but everytime I just listen to it I feel like I know the meaning of it, because I always knew that the people who sing this love ARMY and are truly aspire to inspire people.You’ve really shown me I have reasons I should love myself and be a better version of myself. I can’t wait to be successful and build my dream orphanage, do charity works like what most ARMYS do now for the rest of my life. Thank you, because all of you I think I have found the push I need to focus on my goal.
     I may not be with you from the beginning but I will surely stay in every journey of yours. I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU GUYS! I REALLY DO! HUHUHUHUHUHHUUHU YOUR LOVE YOURSELF IS MAKING ME CRY RIGHT NOW. SARANGHAE! MABUHAY KAYO! MAHAL KO KAYO! I LOVE BIGHIT ENT. FAM! BORAHAE BTS  God bless on your new single!
    Love Yourself,

  10. Hello marvellous boyz,

    I have few suggestion for your band’s betterment and presentation. I am your one of fan and my desire is that your I mean my BTS to be world best. Expecting the earliest and fruitful response from your end.

    Thanks in advance,

  11. My 19 year old just found out that both her kidneys are bad and she has to have a transplant…. she has had a hard run at it and her favorite band is bts…. she needs a boost! If anyone is in the area of Memphis!

  12. Hi,
    I won’t be posting my name, but would like to share my thoughts, I believe that BTS has changed the world to another place, they have proved that even tho they are singers they are just like us(but they had the courage to spread their talent). They have inspired me to sing for others and even write a song, they have been a big part of my childhood and I thank them for it. Thanks and keep sharing magic to the world
    From, CWG(my band)

  13. HEY BTS You are my favourite I love all members in BTS today I also put status of yours wonna to connect with you please please reply my comment. I am only 13 and big fan of your BTS…… keep going wish you become a best band team in the world and earn lots of heart from your Fans… please tell that how do I contact with you please. your fans always with you and full support in future BTS is most popular in the world.

  14. Hey BTS my favourite is j-hope
    Cute j-hope really loves you hey I am from India
    Big fan of BTS please come in india your fans really waiting with a big excitement.

  15. Dear sir,

    my wife ESHA , is attacked by blood cancer, she may die after some weeks. Her birthday is 1st August…She is a die-heart fan of yours… She listen all of your song and keep voting you.. BUt we are too poor to go Korea.. I have a request to you , please wish her to her birthday, she will die after some days .. please send me a wishing video of birthday so i can show you, so that she can die peacefully…IT IS HER LAST WISH…please send me a birthday wish video…please fulfil her last wish…love from Bangladesh….and if you make video , please don’t mention about her cancer, she will fed up….normally please wish her.


  16. Dear sir,

    my wife ESHA , is attacked by blood cancer, she may die after some weeks. Her birthday is 1st August…She is a die-heart fan of yours… She listen all of your song and keep voting you.. BUt we are too poor to go Korea.. I have a request to you , please wish her to her birthday, she will die after some days .. please send me a wishing video of birthday so i can show you, so that she can die peacefully…IT IS HER LAST WISH…please send me a birthday wish video…please fulfil her last wish…love from Bangladesh….and if you make video , please don’t mention about her cancer, she will fed up….normally please wish her.


  17. Hi, can I ask if there’s a way to rewatch the concert. I purchased the Oct 10 schedule e-live concert (multiview) for my son. He wants to watch it again now. He is only 7 years old. Please let me know asap. Thank you.

  18. Hello BTS.. im from the philippines.. One of the country where abuse is a normal thing.. i love how you speak up for us women and children that are being abused and being bullied.. keep it up guys.. we love you so much.. stay healthy and stay safe.. we got a long way be together.. we will support you till the end.. Saranggheyeo!! 😘💜

  19. Hi my daughter is a big fans of you guys and I was wondering if you guys are real if you could at least have a FaceTime call her by messenger and sing Happy birthday to her her birthday is today and she will be thrilled with you guys if you guys do that she loves you guys so much that I would like to give her that birthday present I’ll be her hero please let me know if you guys can do that I will give you the exact time and everything so she could at least see you guys singing happy birthday to her for today I know you guys are busy but I would just like those 20 seconds singing happy birthday to her thank you and God bless keep up the good work BTS for life

  20. Just im a sri lankan girl but im like to be a doctor. Eveyone talk about bts. Then im search about who is bts? Then I can be find there are singers. I watched blood sweat and tears song. It’s so much cool and I like it. But im not soo much sick like my friends I don’t know why army love so much to bts??

  21. Hello BTS

    I dont know if your reading this but I am greatful for knowing yall and you guys are my role models and I hope to see you see you one day
    I really hope you can reply thats all I am wishing for.

  22. Hi bts
    I’m from India and my name is Mithra Devi. If I get a chance to met you all I’ll be really glad for that. I wish that time comes soon. Waiting 🙄 🙄 🙄…….

    Thank you.

  23. Hi dear all
    I am from India and I have a request for you lovely people.
    My daughter who is turning 15 tomorrow (25.11.2020)is a big fan of you all. She has requested me for arranging a video call with you guys.
    I feel lil handicap but writing to you with anticipation that you may fulfil my daughter wish and make her b day a very special one.
    Hope you understand a fathers feeling and I sincerely hope to hear from you on her b day(video call)
    Stay blessed and keep shinning
    Amit kumar

  24. Hello
    I wont be posting my name but I wanted to leave a comment just in case but I wasn’t sure where to write an email so I figured I would write one here even If it doesn’t get noticed I just wanted to express myself. I recently was on YouTube and I already knew about BTS because of how popular they are but I seen their newest song and it helped me go through the days without thinking negative things because I know everybody is having a hard time with the pandemic that is going around and I just wanted to post the email to anybody on this platform who is also going through it. Kind of went of topic there but seeing this video and the meaning behind it just made me cry like a baby. Seeing how they interact with each other made me happy just to look at their friendship and made me kind of jealous seeing how they are comfortable with one another and it also made me realize that they are people just like the rest of us which makes me feel a lot better knowing that they are doing what makes them happy and seeing that made me think about my career path. I don’t know anything about them as people but from what I’ve seen in their videos you can never judge anybody because you don’t know them or what struggles they have been through just to get where they are and that has inspired me. I don’t know if they all get along, if they treat each other as family, if they are having a rough day, they have something whether they have something on their mind, if they are happy on the inside and not just on the outside but whether they have something going on in their personal lives their professional lives they should just be happy. I just also wanted to say that i like how hard hard working and passionate they are about singing and dancing. I know they must get tons of fans who support them or hate them i just wanted to help encourage them even its just one comment out of millions.

  25. Hi, I know this may not be noticed but I still wanted to say, I have BTS since 6 years ago when I saw their performance.
    I really appreciated them and I started listening their songs… Their songs helped me alot when going through rough times. I use them as my role models. I also try my best to stay positive each day because of them
    I want to say that they are my inspiration and will always be no matter what happens… and I really hope they stay themselves and don’t bother about what haters think about them… You Just Gotta Be you! I hope everyone enjoy their day and Stay safe

  26. I dont know if this is all some fake scam thing…..or if its real….. but its my dream to meet BTS. The members inspire me in many ways, and i would love to get in touch with at least one of them. My favorites are V, Suga, and RM, but i will do with any members!! I want to be a singer when i grow up, but my singing voice is not very good. So i wanted to know if i could get some tips! Pretty please with sugar on top, can RM email me??? He speaks the most english, as i am from america, it would be easier to understand…..unless the other members can type english too? Plus, it would be so awesome to communicate with him, as he’s the leader!! This is super long, and now i am seeming desperate…(which i am, not going to lie about it). Also, all those comments that are like “I’m so-and-so’s dad/mom and they are a really big fan of this member, so could they please receive a phone call for their b-day?” Are just people as desperate to get in contact as me. I’m not playing any games here. So i will be straight out with what i’m thinking….Please, please, please, pleeeeeeeeease, contact me at xxcaptaincheeriosxx@gmail.com !!!!!

  27. Hello BTS!!!! I really love Jungkook and wanted to meet him ever since I was 5 yrs old, I’m 13 right now…
    ARMY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

  28. Hi I’m a new fan of BTS….I really love every member BTS,I specially Love JIMIN,..he’s fun cute,handsome and funny,I hope that I can meet him in the future,I hopes are up high to meet them all one day…


  29. Hello BTS….. AUG 8 its my friend bday…. If u can mail her it would be great help….. She absolutely loves u… She has the bands pic as her wallpaper in her laptop and mobile…… And she is obsessed with BTS…… Her email id gnjgowri@gmail.com….. I hope u will look into it…. I know there isn’t any chance that this msg will be read but i can do is hope
    Thanking you
    Yohan john

  30. Hello, I have a sister that has multiple sclerosis. She was diagnosed when she was 14 and she is in her thirties now. She is a huge fan, and I mean huge. As much as it would mean to her to meet you, I know it probably isn’t possible. But if you could find it in your heart to at least contact her, I know it would mean so much to her. She doesn’t get out much, it is just hard for her to get around. She is in a stage with her ms where she is in a lot of pain. I appreciate you reading my message and hope you can surprise her. Thank you for being great entertainers.

  31. Hi everyone.I love you all so much. BTS you are my favourite one. And i like your songs such as dynamite, life goes on these are my lovable songs.❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰🙏🙏🙏😊😊😊🤩🤩🤩💞💞💞🌹🌹🌹👧👧👧👧

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