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  1. Hi: I’m writing a soon-to-be published book entitled, Discovering BTS: a non-linear journey, that covers not only my personal experience, but also of ARMY around the world. I’m accomplishing this via my website at https://discoveringbts.com

    I thought you might be interested in my project.

    Thanks, MJ Chard author

  2. Annyeonghaseyo🙌🙏
    Hi hyungs,
    I am an Indian army girl
    I really want to thank you guys ’cause you are the inspiration for me now I am a medical student. I overcomed depression it all happened because of u guys
    When I was in school , my friends used to listen your songs and they used to say me to listen , but I wasn’t having anything source to listen .
    But now I will be listening daily without fail
    Thanks for inspiring me and many more army
    I am proud to be a ARMY GIRL.
    I wish you guys to have huge success ahead ,
    U guys taught me that “there will be ups and downs in life , but we need to handle it without getting discouraged , depressed”
    Thanks for your inspiration,Motivation ,
    u r everything for me
    Unfortunately when I came to know about BTS ,it was pandemic .
    Hope that as soon as this covid era gets over ,
    And I will be waiting for your concert.
    Love you guys lot ❤
    yours sincere army

  3. hi i am claire kim mask this is for Tae Dear tae
    Hi is claire your ex i as waiting for you so long i but i heard of you and jungkook together very time i was crying of you cheated on me why you do that front of me from kissing jungkook that hasn’t far play that i want to run away from you i hate do that if RM see this he really get angry at you i never do this front of you tae your good man and good wiser i trust someone not cheated on me i know you Tae so long i have you the hope i fund you make someone to cry if you wanted me i never coming back to you tae i wish you there for me but i not hated you
    Your awesome and great human being good boy now i have huge girl crush is my real girlfriend is Dianna aron she got cheated to by a guy and she still with me still you know that i am gay i ready breaking up with dove cameron in twitter by breaking with her and still with Dinna aron now i love her by her ways and she actes she perfect girl for me i wanted so long is jungkok long time boyfriend and my high school boyfriend luke bailey i still never talked to him he is a jerk guy and he is gay to he move on without him my past byoyfriend now on i am moving on tooo

  4. I am from India. I have a sister who’s a crazy army. Her birthday is approaching and I just wanted to surprise her with a small video or atleast a message of BTS wishing her (even one member of BTS is okay 😭). Can u plllzzz help me with this. I’ll be really thankful for it.

  5. Hi my name is aaliyah I am 11 years old this 15 year old leaves with me and she got me into y’all am sad that I got into y’all late 😭😭😭

  6. Hej BTS,
    I’m writing to you, as my sister is your biggest fan in the whole world. Her name is Amanda and you mean everything to her!
    Throughout her life, she has had an unbelievably difficult time and has been racistly bullied and kept out of school.
    She has been struggling with suicidal thoughts and a lot of anxiety lately.
    The only thing that helps her through everyday life is your music, which we all love to hear at home.
    We are having a big party for her in a little while where we will do everything to make sure she has a nice day as she has had it so hard.
    It would make her the happiest person in the world if you could make a greeting to her where you congratulate her and mention her name (Amanda) ! ❤️
    I believe that the universe will make sure that this message comes to you and that you make the greeting ❤️ Love and hope from Denmark🙏🏿

  7. Really trying to reach out to fulfill my daughter’s birthday wish. If BTS could send her greetings.
    Have tried and exhausted🙁 all avenues of trying
    I sent emails, letters, facebook messages…last resource.😓

  8. Hi my name is. Gerard bobar my daughter is a big fan of bts she wants to go see them but I’m on disability and i can’t afford the tickets and hwr birthday is 10/4/2001 I HOPE They could call or write to her i wish there tickets were affordable our address is 282 NE Marshall. Loop boardman,OR 97818 my phone number is 541 571906e her name is Emily bobar

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