1st Single ALBUM BTS – No More Dreams (Japanese Ver.)

Japan no more dream


01. No More Dreams ( Japanese Ver.) 03. いいね!(Ii ne!/Like it) (Japanese Ver.)
02. 進撃の防弾 (Attack on Bangtan) (Japanese Version)

2nd Single Album BTS – Boy In Luv (Japanese Ver.)



01.Boy In Luv ( Japanese Ver.)    03. Just One Day (Japanese Ver.)
02. N.O ( Japanese Ver.)

3rd Single ALBUM BTS – Danger (Japanese Ver.)

albumjp danger


01.Danger-Japanese Ver. 03. MISS RIGHT-Japanese Ver.-
02. 進撃の防弾 (Attack On Bangtan)(SONPUB REMIX)

4th Single ALBUM BTS – For You (Japanese Ver.)



01. For You 03.Let Me Know – Japanese Ver –
02. ホルモン戦争 (War Of Hormone) – Japanese Ver –

1st ALBUM BTS – Wake Up (Japanese Ver.)

wake up



01.INTRO    08. いいね!Pt.2~あの場所で~ (II NE! PT.2 ~AT THAT PLACE~) (Japanese Ver.)
02. THE STAR    09.  No More Dreams ( Japanese Ver.)
03.  Jump -Japanese Ver.-    10.  進撃の防弾 (Attack on Bangtan) (Japanese Version)
04. .Danger-Japanese Ver.    11. N.O ( Japanese Ver.)
05. Boy In Luv ( Japanese Ver.)    12. Wake Up
06. Just One Day (Japanese Ver.)    13.  Outro
07.いいね!(Ii ne!/Like it) (Japanese Ver.)

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