52 thoughts on “Music

  1. 축하합니다 BTS !!! For 1stFESTAnniversary
    축하합니다 BTS !!! For 1stFESTAnniversary

  2. i enter this because i so so like BTS and i love the BTS members………….and i hope the BTS member’s go philippines again and i meet theme for a moment ………….and i like and love all the songs of BTS so i rely accept when they back to go to the philippines cause i rely love them…….and i wish some day even only one member…….that i want to see even v or jungkook or all the members of BTS……I hope soon my dreams will come true ….my only wish is imeet the BTS members…always love you guys and always want to see you BTS members…..love you and hope a good heath and god bless……..

  3. Ok, so I checked all the songs posted on here and I seriously couldn’t find the song to this website when I first entered. . . Please tell the title of that song. . .

  4. OMG what the hell is the song we hear, it is so goddamn good, I have to like access this page just to hear it

  5. The song I hear playing when you enter the web site is “10000 hours” song by BTS Jungkook. Absolutely love it, he’s got such a beautiful voice.

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