27 thoughts on “Picture

  1. annyeong!~^^ i’m jessie! i love BTS SO MUCHH!_saranghae_
    oppa! jungkook,v,jimin,jhope,suga,jin,rap-monster
    oppa!~fighting!~i’m malaysia fangirl!~i really2 want to meet you alls!~fighting my oppa!~^^only you!bts!in my soul!forever and ever!~till the end of my life!~i’m swearr!~^^yoo!fighting oppa!~

  2. Annyeong! I love BTS sooo muuccchh ❤ im so sad because i can't go to their concert this coming december 7, i want to cry because its their first concert here in Philippines & i want to see them but unfortunately i don't have a ticket and also my place is very far from manila :((( but i'm gonna accept this :)) i don't know if is not my time to see them but in the future, i admire them so muucchh especially Jungkook ❤

    ( sorry for this^^ i want to share my feelings 😀 you can't blame me IM ALSO A DIEHARD FAN OF BTS <333 )

  3. annyeong BTS! i so love you guys cause your so cool,handsome and cute ………why do i love Bangtan boys because they song are very cool and they voice are so cute and i love it …..i love all about BTS and i hope that BTS are come again to philippines and i well meet them for a moment and i wist that my wish will come true ………….i love BTS forever and ever ……love you much……….

  4. Hi!!!I’m a Bts fan and…I really really love them!I will support the Bangtan boys 4ever!!!Fighting!:D

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