27 thoughts on “WE ON : BE THE SHIELD

  1. Hi, just wanted to say that the Webtoon was awesome to read! This maybe a long shot, but maybe you guys could continue to Season 2? I am anxious as to what will happen next.

  2. Thanks a lot for translate it! I’m from Brasil and I not found this webtoon in portuguese or spanish. Only in your site and in English. My english is not good enough to write, but i can read easily. So please excuse any errors on my part. Do you know if they will actually to make the second season? And if so, you will subtitle? Thanks once again ♥


  3. Is there any possibility for this webtoon to be published in Hardcopy? Gladly I would love to purchase this book… I am still waiting for the 2nd season here… The hiatus is too long I miss this manga.. 😭😭

  4. BRO this is so fricking cool! You’re an amazing artist and this is so awesome thank you for making this!! 💜

  5. When will there be a season 2..the first season was so good…I have been eagerly waiting for the completion

  6. Hello guys, for all the willing fans of WE ON: BE THE SHIELD, I am pretty sure this webtoon has been discontinued… But good news is, I will be making a fan made season 2 on Wattpad!! It won’t be with drawings but rather to help put readers at ease instead of massive confusion and sadness. I have a whole plot and will try my best to let you feel the story so if you’d like to read it, this is my Wattpad: @evestarsight

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