[Video] BTS at 2016 KBS Song Festival [161229]

BTS – Blood Sweat & Tears , FIRE

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BTS Present for Idol Seotaji and the boys (classroom idea)

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[TWITTER/TRANS] BTS Twitter [161227]

@BTS_twt : PUMA [V]

Trans @BTS_twt : PUMA [V]

Video Translation:
JK: It’s cold (x8)
S: Ah.. It’s a bit cold
JK: This much (x4)

(T/N: Jungkook is singing ‘Hey I got something to say’ or the ‘confession song’, a popular Korean song with many variations)

@BTS_twt :  올해 마지막 잇진 [Jin]

Trans @BTS_twt :  This year’s last EatJin [Jin]

@BTS_twt : 3화 다 봤는데 태형이 언제 또 나오나요ㅠㅠ -진 [Jin]

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