[Video/Blog] Hope on the street @ 151008 [151010]

Hope On The Street 

새벽 연습 느낀점 :

첫 번째 기초연습영상

일단 오랜만에 basic 팝 연습을 했다. 음악에 맞춰 다양한 부위들 팝 주기 , 비트를 쪼개며 팝 주기 , 그리고 팔굽혀펴기를 하며 옛날에 연습했던 그대로 좀 하드하게 해봤다
역시나 영상을 보고 느낀건 아직도 보이는 팝 부분에서는 많이 약하구나라는 생각이 들었다
그리고 쪼개며 팝을 줄때 힘 분배를 많이 못해서 팝 컨트롤이 잘 안되는 느낌이 들었다

몇 년이 지났어도 부족한 건 역시 기초구나… 아무리 프리스타일을 백날 해봤자 기초가 없으면
깊이가 없어 보인다고 ….. 앞으로 연습 할때마다 기초 연습은 꼭 해야겠다

두 번째 프리스타일 영상

일단 음악 표현에 있어서는 옛날 내 스타일대로 잘 표현은 하고 있는 것 같다
but !!!!! 항상 느끼는 거지만 너무 흘러가기만 하고 확 시선을 잡는 임펙트가 없는 것 같다
내가 데뷔를 하면서 이때까지 방탄 안무와 여러 안무 ,시상식무대 ,연말무대 춤 등등 많은 준비와 공연들을 해서 더 그렇게 느끼는 거 일수도 있다 아무래도 프리스타일과 안무는 큰 차이가 있기 때문인 걸까?? 가끔 이럴 때 멘붕이 오기도 한다 그래도 멋있는게 멋있는거니 !!
좀 더 한칼이 있어야겠다
또 내가 가장 자신 있는 팝핀이기 때문에 더 연구를 하고 어떻게 하면 좀 더 대중적으로 스트릿이라는 장르가 멋있게 보일까?라는 부분에서 나는 연구를 하고 연습을 하고싶다
백번 말해도 부족할 정도로 열심히 !!!!

Trans : 

Hope On The Street

Feelings at Dawn Practice :

The first basic practice video

Firstly, I practiced the basic pop that I haven’t in awhile. I did exactly what I used to do in past practices and went hard, popping various part of my body to the music, popping while splitting the beat, and doing push ups.
Of course, I watch the video and felt that through watching it, I thought the pop areas were still very weak
And I felt that when I splitted and popped, I couldn’t split the strength much so the pop control wasn’t well done

Even though many years passed, as expected, the thing I’m still lacking in is basics…. No matter how much I freestyle, without basics
It looks like it doesn’t have depth ….. From now on, I think I must practice the basics every time I practice

Second Freestyle Video

Firstly, I think I’m expressing it well through my style that I used to express music in the old days
but !!!!! I always feel that it flows too much and it seems like the impact that catches your eye isn’t there
I could be feeling like this because until now, since I was debuting, I did lots of practices and performances from BTS’ choreography and other choreography like the award ceremony stage, the year-end stage’s dance, etc. etc.. Either way, could it be (like this) because there’s a big difference between freestyling and doing choreographed dances?? From time to time, when I’m like this, I get mental breakdowns. And I think that coolness is cool !!
It should be a bit more impactful
Maybe because it’s popping, which I’m most confident in, I want study it more and see what I should do to make the street genre look cooler to the public? In this aspect, I want to research and practice.
I can say hundreds of things about where I’m lacking but I’m determined to work hard !!!!

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[Blog/Trans] (Jin’s cooking diary) SMOKED UGLY DUCKLING [150906]

We’re going with a smoked duck we ate in the dorms that we don’t even know when was made and some seasoned chives

A duck is smoked.
It’s a food that’s cheap and will be finished just by heating it up

This is the old kitchen we can’t see anymore since we moved
Get out of my sight

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