[Picture] [Dear. ARMY] Special Postcards from BTS


From. V 작업을 하다가 생각이 멈추는 순간들이 왔어요. 그럴 때마다 아미들을 찾아갔어요. 아미는 자신에게 행복하다고 느낄 때가 언제예요? 나 지금 너무 행복해 이런 순간이 어떤 것들 있어요? (우리 노래 말고) 🙂 There were moments while working on my music when I felt stuck. I went to see ARMY every time that happened. Dear ARMY, when do you feel the happiest? What are some moments that make you go, “I’m so happy right now”? (Other than our songs) 🙂
From. Jimin 저를 제 모습 그대로를 사랑해 주시는 그 사람들이 너무 보고 싶어요. 아미는 일상 속에서 그리고 저희와 함께 하면서 가장 행복한 순간은 언제인가요? I miss everyone who loves me just the way I am, so much. Dear ARMY, what makes you the happiest in your everyday lives, and when you’re by our side?
From. RM 저는 어떤 크고 대단한 순간보다, 아침에 눈을 떴을 때 하늘이 멋질 때, 겨울 냄새가 날 때, 자전거를 탔는데 바람이 기분 좋을 때 행복하다고 느껴요. 아미들은 일상 속 어떤 순간에 행복하다 느끼시나요? The happiest moment for me is not something grandiose but the moments when I open my eyes in the morning to the beautiful sky, when I smell the winter and when I’m on my bike and the breeze feels nice. Dear ARMY, when do you feel happy in your everyday lives?

(Jung Kook/Jin)

From. Jung Kook 이번에 콘서트를 진행하면서 다시 한번 느꼈던 것 같습니다. 내가 이렇게 아미들 앞에서 노래하고 춤추는 게 내가 살아가는 이유라는걸요. 아미의 인생에서 BTS는 어떤 존재로 남아있을 것 같나요? I realized once again during our concert that singing and dancing in front of ARMY is the reason I exist. Dear ARMY, what would BTS be remembered as in your life?
From. Jin 열심히 살다가 강제로 쉬게 됐는데 몸 컨디션이 좋아지더라고요. 아미 여러분들도 바쁘시더라도 쉬면서 하세요! Q. 아미는 어떤 순간이 가장 행복하신가요? After working hard I’m now taking a break not really by our own choosing, but then now I feel like I’m in tip-top shape. Dear ARMY, don’t forget to take a break even if you’re busy! Q. What’s your happiest moment?


From. SUGA 요즘 기타에 빠져 있습니다 기타를 치면 잡생각이 없어져서 좋습니다! 아미들에게 방탄은 어떤 의미인가요? I’m into playing the guitar lately. All my worries go away when I’m playing the guitar! Dear ARMY, what does BTS mean to you?
From. j-hope 사실 여러분들이 있기에 지금 이 순간까지 온 거 같아요~ 늘 곁에 있어주시고 함께 해주셔서 너무 고마워요~ 그리고 많이 보고 싶어요!! 아미에게 가장 위로가 되는 말은?? We could only come this far thanks to all of you! Thank you for always being by our side. And… We miss you so much!! Dear ARMY, what are the words that comfort you the most?

아미 여러분도 트위터에서 #TO_BTS 해시태그를 이용해 방탄소년단 멤버분들께 답장을 보내주세요!
ARMY, please send your reply to BTS members with the hashtag #TO_BTS on Twitter!

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[Info] BTS – BE (Deluxe Edition)


This is Big Hit Entertainment.

BTS’s new album “BE (Deluxe Edition)” will be released on Friday, November 20.

Pre-orders will begin Monday, September 28.

“BE (Deluxe Edition)” contains the most “BTS-esque” music yet. The latest story from BTS begins by declaring that “even in the face of this new normality, our life goes on” and imparts a message of healing to fans and to the world.

This album is made more special by direct involvement from BTS in not only the music, but from the concept and composition to design. You will discover throughout the album the thoughts, emotions and deepest reflections of BTS while experiencing an even richer musical spectrum.

“BE (Deluxe Edition)”, a most special album carefully crafted by BTS, will be available through retailer pre-orders. The album will be printed in limited quantities for first-run print only, and stocks and pre-order periods may vary by retailer. Please check the pre-order dates carefully.

We ask for your love and interest in the new “BE (Deluxe Edition)” album.

Pre-order period: Begins 11 AM, September 28 (Mon), 2020 (KST)

General release: 2 PM, November 20 (Fri), 2020 (KST)

BTS “’BE (Deluxe Edition)” can be pre-ordered starting on Monday, September 28 from online and offline retailers.

<BTS ‘BE (Deluxe Edition)’ Pre-order Notice>

Pre-order dates

September 28 (Mon) to November 19 (Thur), 2020

Pre-Order (Online):

Yes24: bit.ly/2ECzwmv

Synnara: bit.ly/30dFbqQ

* Please note that available quantities may vary by retailer, and pre-orders may end early due to inventory circumstances. (limited offer, first-run only)

Album package includes: Continue reading “[Info] BTS – BE (Deluxe Edition)”