[News] BTS Appointed As Global Models For FILA [191001]

FILA Korea announced on October 1 that BTS has been appointed as the brand’s global models.

As the contract is for global models, BTS’s work with FILA will not only be limited to Korea, but will also be shared all around the world in regions like the Americas, Europe, and Asia. FILA will work with BTS to expand their “One World, One FILA” message, raising the brand’s global status.

As the global models of FILA, BTS will release their first promotional photos for the brand early next year, and will be the face of FILA both in and outside of Korea. FILA hopes to combine BTS’s unique charms and FILA’s brand image to connect with consumers in a new way.

A source from FILA commented, “BTS has made their mark as global artists, and we hope to create a synergy with them as FILA is also making our mark as a brand both domestically and overseas.”

Source (1) Via Soompi