[Blog/Trans] Kim Seokjin makes bread [151217]

Alright. I, Jin, will attempt to make bread today because I’ve been obsessed with bread, lately.

The stuff I bought from the Supermarket unnie’s recommendation because I didn’t know a thing about making bread.

Pour water into the container.

Pouring in the flour the Supermarket unnie recommended me.

I can’t remember which butter and yeast I’ve put in on the side but my goodness, how could this be? Seeing the bread rise makes my heart rise, too. It’s sort of like a magic spell.

Honestly, I’ve poured it in prettily, so the bread should come out prettily, too… If the machine does its job well. The machine is pretty, right?

Making one slice of bread takes 4 hours and 15 minutes.
Everybody, I recommend just buying bread and eating it o o

Shake it Shake it.

For the 4 hours and 15 minutes it takes for the bread to bake, I’m going to learn how to cook from Teacher Baek.
Please teach me how to cook, Teacher!
Please call me as your minion!

3 minutes before (the reveal)

Preparing to take it out.

The steam escaping after pushing push

Kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke. It’s already funny looking.

Taking it out.

Displaying it on here. Tadah!

Failed. Kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke.

Kekeke. The already made bread on the right side. Hehehe.
It’s funnier now that I compare the two.

I’m so speechless that only laughter comes out. Kekekekekekekeke. What is this? Kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke.
Hello, childish hyung nim!!!!! Adding another speechless person here!!

No. If I apply jam, it could still be tasty.
The king’s face at work.




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[Blog/Trans] (Jin’s cooking diary) SMOKED UGLY DUCKLING [150906]

We’re going with a smoked duck we ate in the dorms that we don’t even know when was made and some seasoned chives

A duck is smoked.
It’s a food that’s cheap and will be finished just by heating it up

This is the old kitchen we can’t see anymore since we moved
Get out of my sight

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[Interview/Trans] [STARCAST] Marinate the meat while I will cut the rice cake! – The 2nd episode of BTS making food for the New Year’s Day[150219]

The special episode, ‘Shopping’ that is relevant to the appetizer was released last week in which chef JIN, ‘Today’s Slave’ JIMIN, and JUNG KOOK made food for the New Year’s Day.

“Do you remember the last STARCAST? It finished from here, right?”

This week, we’re going to release the episode of the long-awaited cooking. STARCAST will start now with comments from chef JIN who said he waited for this day.
[The 3rd step of making food for the New Year’s Day: The reversal cutting of a real man!]

Hello, this is JIN! From now on, I will start the STARCAST in where I cook, write, and do things all on my own~ (I reject the rejections!)

JIN: “Oh? Who said to by mushrooms?”
JIMIN: “Bro~ I bought meat other than mushrooms.”
JIN: “I love you”

Meat is love. Shall I warm up my hands getting energy from the meat?

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[Blog/Trans] (Jin’s cooking diary) THANKS FATHER FOR THE ALLOWANCE SO I CAN MAKE THIS STEAK [141212]

And so I went to the market in front of our dorm to purchase steak, sauce, and mushrooms.

Of all meat, cows are the best.

Of cow meat, Korean cows are the best.

Of Korean cows, rib eye is the best.

And the rib eye I ate deliciously by myself.

My lifelong partner, meat

Seeing Korean cow meat makes my heart beat

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[Blog/Trans] (Jin’s cooking diary) PRAISE JIN-NIM….. [141130]

Now carbonara that I’ve been wanting to make since long before
No need for unnecessary talk let’s start

Ingredients are the must-have items for carbonara – noodles whipping cream milk
And onions, garlic that went in without me knowing
If you’re bored throw in mushrooms and eggs!
I wasn’t too bored so I left the eggs out

I wanted to buy fresh cream but they didnt have enough (stocks) so I didn’t buy them..hue
They recommended that if I just do this for 5 minutes it’ll become fresh cream



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[Blog/Trans] (Jin’s cooking diary) Just chose ingredients that appeared before my eyes: sweet pumpkin, broccoli, mushroom, and beef [141112]

Today as well, of course, I cooked up something my way
Chose simple ingredients.
Bought broccoli to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes
Chose sweet pumpkin to take out the swelling in my face
Bought mushroom because I just saw it along the way
And beef, which I can’t eat on a daily basis.
Just picked it up because my mom told me that you should never be frugal when it comes to food.
The finishing touch to food is cheese, of course.
Yes yes bought cheese too.

(That’s) The end to picking out ingredients

I like sweet pumpkin; however, just because I like sweet pumpkin, doesn’t mean that I can overshadow the meat
Meat-nim, you’re the best

Kyah~ look at the color of this piece of meat. Meat-nim *sobs*
Just take me

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[Blog/Trans] (Jin’s cooking diary) – Jin Rice Cake Soup [140315]

2014 Rice Cake Soup

Firstly the ingredients are frozen dumplings,  1 packet of rice cakes, 1 packet of spicy rice cakes and 3 packets of beef bone soup

And some other ingredients

This year we’re poor so no meat


Firstly let’s soak the rice cakes in water


And we’re cooking the beef bone soup.

We don’t have anchovies to put in the broth, neither do we have meat, or the time so what is there to do other than this that only takes 3 minutes

Or at least that’s what is written hehe


The stew pot has gotten quite rusty..

Mom.. I’ll steal one of the good stew pots from home. I’m apologizing in advance.



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