[Picture] BTS at Haru Hana Twitter [140622]

 : 今日6/21は防弾少年団が出演した「AEON DREAM GATE FES 2014」へ。「NO MORE DREAM Japanese Ver.」「BOY IN LUV」など6曲を全力で披露!はるな愛に「言うよね~」を覚えてと言われJ-HOPEが実践すると会場大ウケ(笑)。続く

 : 続き)イベントは大盛況!防弾少年団は公演に先がけ行われた記者会見に腐男塾、さんみゅ~、はるな愛と共に参加。はるな愛が「この中で好みは誰?」と聞かれ迷っていると、Vが「僕はどうですか?」と男らしく立候補する場面もありました!(ご)

Trans  : Today 21st of June BTS performed at [AEON DREAM GATE FES 2014]. They showed off their all with 6 songs among them were NO MORE DREAM Japanese Ver. na BOY IN LUV. J-hope remembered to say his practice line to Haruna Ai “I’ll say~”causing the venue to erupt with laughter (Lol).

Trans  : The Event was a great success! Before their performance they attended a press conference with Fudanjuku, SanMyu~ and Haruna Ai. There was a scene when Haruna Ai was asked ‘who do you like out of the seven?’ and wasn’t sure how to answer, V manly said, “what about me?’ thus announcing himself as a candidate!

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