[Picture/Media] BTS at 2017 MAMA in Hong Kong [171201]

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[News] BTS to Hold Comeback Stage at 2015 MAMA [151124]

BTS has revealed that their first comeback stage performance will be held at the 2015 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) on December 2.

The group will officially have their comeback on November 30 with the release of their mini-album “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2.” However, the timing of their comeback allows them to have a special comeback stage at the awards show in Hong Kong.

MAMA is a special awards show held in Asia which feature top Asian artists as well as artists from other parts of the world. Continue reading “[News] BTS to Hold Comeback Stage at 2015 MAMA [151124]”

[News/Trans] Cheers Pop interview with BTS in HK [150908]

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Bangtan Boys is a Korean boy group who even has a Chinese name! The first I heard the name, I already thought it was very cool. With their strong and amazing dancing, they have already told Korean fans that they will become the latest boy group to shine. Undeniably, as 2015 rolled around and it’s been two years since their debut, they have already won multiple times for this comeback on ‘Show Champion,’ KBS 2TV ‘The Show,’ and other music programs. They have also traveled all over Asia in the past half year for their concert tour. It’s hard to deny that BTS’ popularity has already penetrated every corner of the world. The day before ‘2015 BTS Live Trilogy in Hong Kong: Episode II The Red Bullet,’ the editorial staff met with these seven cool guys. Like many other boy groups, the relationship between BTS is super cute. This group of cute youths took on the interview with an attitude similar to traveling abroad. If they have a bullet-like presence on stage, then they have killer smiles off stage.

Hoping to attend MAMA again
BTS is in Hong Kong again after last year’s MAMA awards show, and is also their first time holding their own concert in Hong Kong. Last time on the MAMA stage, they collaborated on a performance with another Korean boy group, Block B, that captivated everyone’s attention. Although they don’t know if they will participate in MAMA again this year, I’m sure the Korean fans would very look forward to seeing their MAMA performances again. Even they expressed their desire to attend MAMA again.
Talking about advantages of teammates
This time the editorial staff planned a little game that we like to play with idol groups. Every member chooses a member’s name [randomly] and talks about this member’s advantages! While choosing the members, they showed surprised expressions. Since they can’t reveal which member they chose, they can only use their expressions to tell the members sitting by them by who they chose. Some members seemed to be very satisfied with their choosing, as shown by their excitedness. There were also some members that showed difficulty in regards to their chosen member. But since they’ve been together for a long time, they actually really like each other. Everyone answered very seriously and I trust that the members felt a bit embarassed after hearing the answers. The first person to choose was J-Hope.

J-Hope: (chose Suga) Although Suga seems insensitive, he’s often the first one that looks after the other members. He’s the one that takes care of the members the most!

Suga: (Amazingly, Suga choose J-Hope) He’s always very cheerful and positive. He gives others a lot of energy/strength!

Jimin: (chose Rap Monster): Don’t be fooled by Rap Monster’s appearance. He’s not too much like his appearance. He has an attentive side, very responsible, very strict in his self-management, and…… very handsome! Hahaha!

Rap Monster: (chose V) V is born with a ‘celebrity-look.’ How can his face be such good looking! Continue reading “[News/Trans] Cheers Pop interview with BTS in HK [150908]”

[News/Trans] BTS on Korea Star Daily News in HK [150908]


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Popular Korean boy group Bangtan Boys has only debuted about 2 years ago but they are loved by many fans all over the world. Recently they’ve been traveling all over the world for their world tour and have been receiving unlimited support and blessings from fans from different places. August 28 was their last concert stop in Hong Kong and it also attracted many ARMYs (BTS fans). Moreover, taking advantage of the members being here for their last stop in Hong Kong, I conducted a close-up interview with these seven members that can dance and sing. Let’s reveal the cool and cute side of BTS offstage.

Idol group that’s very intimate
BTS has arrived in Hong Kong for their world tour and I met with them backstage in hopes to help fans find out more of what they’re like off stage. Seeing the seven them with no makeup, they look very cute and cool. It’s definitely good to be young. They also used the Chinese they learned and kept saying ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ – definitely very intimate idols!

Difficult idol road
Two years since their debut, they have experienced many things on stage. BTS feels that each moment is unforgettable and precious but this road as idols is extremely difficult. They experienced very difficult times while practicing dancing and recording in America. Their abilities to dance and sing on stage is exchanged through blood, sweat, and tears offstage. But seeing so many fans cheer them on each time, it recharges them to continue to work hard. Talking about the most unforgettable thing about visiting different places, they said the fans singing along with them is the most unforgettable. Since everyone speaks different languages, they should technically be taught to sing it. But everyone can sing-a-long by themselves and it leaves them very happy and unknowingly start listening to the fans sing-a-long.

Hong Kong is MAMA stage
This isn’t BTS’ first time performing in Hong Kong. At the end of last year, they collaborated with boy group Block B on a captivating performance for the MAMA awards show that was held in Hong Kong. Speaking of the chance that MAMA will be held in Hong Kong again, they expressed their excitement! Jimin said, “Of course it would be great if MAMA is held in Hong Kong this year. It would be great. MAMA makes me think of Hong Kong. It would be nice if we can go this year as I hope to bring great performances to everyone.” Suga added, “It’s our first time seeing our Hong Kong fans at MAMA last year. They were very passionate. I was very touched when the fans starting singing the lyrics. This is our first concert here so I also want to know how the fans will react.”

Interested in acting with Chow Yun Fat
Other than singing, does BTS have interest in acting? The answer is yes. All of the members answered excitedly that they really hope to work with Chow Yun Fat. V said, “He is both a sunbae and a teacher in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. Plus we really like Hong Kong movies so it would be really fun to work with him.” Chow Yun Fat is highly popular among the Chinese and I jokingly asked which member they thought is the most popular among fans. After everyone’s recommendations, they have finally concluded and leader Rap Monster announced, “We think it’s J-Hope! He seems to have improved a lot lately and is very fun. I’m sure the Hong Kong fans would really like this type of charm.” I wonder if you also think it’s J-Hope?

Preparing for next album
It’s been such a happy time speaking with BTS but since it was time for their dinner and rehearsal, we had to quickly wrap up our interview. Since their difficult schedule and world tour is coming to an end, I asked what’s their plans and what they want to do during their free time. Rap Monster said, “As long as we have free time, everyone would use it to sleep, rest, or write songs and lyrics. Everyone does different things. We are also preparing for our next album. Since our tour was very long, we need to rest and recharge ourselves.” When recharging was mentioned, Suga suddenly thought about home, “I want to return to my hometown Daegu. Daegu has a main road like Tsim Sha Tsui (J-Hope had a look of desire once he heard Tim Sha Tsui).” V jumped in, “Yes! There’s lots to see, eat, and play in Daegu. Everyone can go check it out!” Jungkook wants to go to a vacation home to enjoy his vacation. He hopes that when this tour ends, they can put down their busy, difficult schedule and enjoy their time!

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