[Picture] BTS X Dispatch [180318]

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[Picture/Trans] BTS – D-icon by Dispatch [180315]

Trans :

The answer to Dicon’s 11th question. These are words from @BTS_twt to ARMYs.

“Because ARMYs are there, I’ve been at the place which people call the desert as it’s the sea. Thank you for making me happy. I love you!” (Jin) Continue reading “[Picture/Trans] BTS – D-icon by Dispatch [180315]”


[Info] D-Icon Vol.2 : BTS Behind [180313]

D-icon Magazine reservation will start March 14th. 11am KST ~ March 19th. 11am KST . Reservation at Kyobo Book,Aladin,yes24.

Magazine Released 20 March 2018

Features ONE group cover, 220 pages color, and interviews.

Card Drop (by D-icon)

+pre-order 15 page photo art (real-life photo and graphic photo)

+pre-order 10 pcs postcards (group and individual)

Reservation at Kyobo Book,Aladin,yes24 :

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[Picture/Video] BTS – D-icon by Dispatch [180311]

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[Picture/Video] BTS’ Jin – D-icon by Dispatch [180310]

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[Picture] BTS’ J-Hope & Jimin at Yahoo! Live Magazine [180309]

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