[Video] BTS messages of support for Chancellor [150908]


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Melon Via BTS_BiTS


[Message/Fancafe] From BTS Jin [140130]

This is a secret message – Jin’s Fancafe Post

Hello I’m Jin
It’s already Chinese New Year
Time’s passing so fast and that means that I’m.. getting older as well

ARMYs since you’re getting older too, so just eat all of the Chinese New Year goodies
Everything on the dinner table just-, throw in all of it just- into your mouth just- even those that your relatives are holding onto just- snatch all of it and eat them up
That’s the right manner for Chinese New Year hahaha

what am I saying- if you don’t fancy being hit on your back by your mum then don’t do so

Eat with the right amount of control and slowly move forward with the resolutions you made on the 1st of Jan

I’ve already started on that
It’s somewhat a secret since I’m the only one that knows about it hoohoo

And with that I hope that our ARMYs fulfill all the resolutions you’ve made this year hahaha

Hope you receive lots of good luck and fortune~

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Fancafe post link: http://cafe.daum.net/BANGTAN/jbaQ/133
Trans cr:  Denise @ bts-trans