[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [190519]

@BTS_twt  : [Suga]

Trans @BTS_twt :Hm [Suga]

@BTS_twt  :정국아 사랑해 ☺️ ❤️


#잇진 [Jimin]

Trans @BTS_twt :Jungkook-ah, love you ☺️❤️
#EatJin [Jimin]

Video Engsub :

@BTS_twt  :Let’s go concert [V]

@BTS_twt  :3,2,1 go [BTS] Continue reading “[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [190519]”


[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [190513]

@BTS_twt  :Thank you for staying and cheering for us even though it was so cold. I think I’ll remember Chicago ARMY always. I love you guys and I’ll come back next time! Make sure to drink hot water and take a hot bath before you sleep~ good night ARMY! 😍 💜 #yourlovev [V]

@BTS_twt  :I was so happy..


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[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [190510]

@BTS_twt  :시카고 잘 도착해써여 아미 안녀어어아엉 [Jin]

Trans @BTS_twt :We’ve arrived safely in Chicago ARMY hellooooo [Jin]

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[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [190426]

@BTS_twt  : zeremy zucker – comethru 😊 💜 [V]

@BTS_twt  : 아미 이주연속 일등! 감사해요 데헷! [Suga]

Trans @BTS_twt :ARMY 1st place for two consecutive weeks! Thank you de-het! (giggling) [Suga] Continue reading “[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [190426]”

[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [190419]

@BTS_twt  : 감사해여 아미!!! [Jin]

Trans @BTS_twt :Thank you ARMY!!![Jin]

@BTS_twt  : 전 핑크가 요즘 제 눈에 오던데요~ [V]

Trans @BTS_twt :Pink has been attracting my eyes recently~[V]

@BTS_twt  : 아미는 어떤 색을 가장 좋아하신가요 [BTS]

Trans @BTS_twt : ARMY, what is your favorite colour? #curiousaboutARMYseverything #curiousaboutARMY [BTS] Continue reading “[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [190419]”

[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [190415]

@BTS_twt  : 서민정 선배님 선물 진심으로 감사합니다 ☺️🙏


Trans @BTS_twt :

My sincerest thanks to Seo Min-jung sunbaenim for the present ☺️🙏


Seo Min-jung Replay to Jimin :

@minjung_suh : 안녕하세요~서민정입니다..감사인사 드리고싶어서 트위터 가입했어요..지민님 너무 감사해여..정말 감사드려요..🙏🏻.방탄소년단분들 그리고 아미팬클럽분들 늘 응원할께여 정말 감사해요! 항상 건강하세요🌟

Trans : Hello~I’m Seo Minjung..I joined Twitter as I wanted to express my thanks..Jimin-nim thank you so much..Really, thank you very much..🙏🏻.I’ll always be supporting BTS and all of the ARMY fanclub! Be healthy always🌟

@BTS_twt  : 🤓컴백 [V]

Trans @BTS_twt : 🤓Comeback[V]

Credits :

Trans : Laura & Denise @ bts-trans