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57 thoughts on “Bangtan Variety

  1. Heeeeey! So, I’ve been browsing the net for sites dedicated to BTS like yours and so far, this one is the best I’ve seen. So keep up the good work and thanks for posting those links above! It’s really keeping me updated.
    BTS 화딩!!!

  2. Thanks for this. I have been addicted to them and now here are your links. 🙂
    Thaaaaaanks ^____^

    I’ll keep posted.

  3. HI!!!!!!!!! I am so grateful to stumble into your blog heehe <

    p.s: what is this song you use as the background? hehe

  4. Thank U soooooooooooo much for updating every now and then! I always go to this website to search for BANGTAN’s new update because you update really fast! Thank you for your efforts on making this website~ if this website didn’t exist, I wouldn’t probably know a lot of BTS videos :))) THANK U AGAIN!!!

  5. Thank you so much for all your BTS update. I’m a new fan of BTS and I love them even more after I found this blog ^^ thanks again *deep bow*

  6. i love your blog. complete and update. do you have link for isac 2016 eng sub? i’ve watched it but don’t know what they’re talking about cuz there is no subtitle T-T

  7. So when are these talented young men coming to the USA again? I didn’t know who they were until a couple of months ago and my 51 year old heart adores them all. Would love to see in person one day, as would my daughter who introduced me to them. Thanks for the site!!

  8. It would be really great if this website had a section of videos of fans meeting BTS, like their hi touch, concert experience, etc. 🙂

  9. Thank you for this post ♥♥ Nee, you know to tell me if there is a possibility of BTS be a guest on Running Man someday? Only RapMon was a guest and Running Man is my favorite variety program. I’d truly love to see all of our guys there. ;u;

  10. I would like to know why Yaman TV is not included on the list? I saw that one on youtube, I’m just curious as to why it’s not included here. Also the arirang guesting too? is there anything else missing on the list? I’m very thankful for the list and since I’m new ARMY I have followed this list very thoroughly and I would like to thank you guys for putting such organized list! thank you!

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